Some useful books, web sites and files to extend your knowledge and understanding of the magic of the concertina.

Books In Preparation

Concertina Repair and Maintenance Guide by George Bolliger. Whenever you see him please prompt him to finish it so we can see it published.

The Concertina Magazine is being assembled by Ralph Pride. This treasure was edited and published by a team spearheaded by Richard Evans. It ran through 25 issues from 1982 to 1988 and was chockers with articles about Concertinas - from repair and maintenance to history to playing techniques and music. It is being scanned to pdf but as the print was not clear enough it can't be ocr processed and searchable. It will be indexed to assist locating articles.

Workshop Handouts

The Concertina Convergence at the National Folk Festival in 2015  saw concertina and accordion guru Malcolm Clapp present two workshops to the assembled aficionados.
The notes from these presentations are available here as pdf downloads.

Concertina Maintenance

Tutors Online

This list of online tutors links to other sources on the web.

English Concertina

Alistair Anderson Tutor for the English Concertina

Frank Butler The Concertina

Hawkes and Son The Simplicity Tutor

Anglo Concertina

Dave Johnson Playing the Anglo Concertina in Bush Music Style
Alan Day Sound Clips Based Tutor

John Kirkpatrick How to Play the Anglo

George Jones Tutor for the Chromatic Anglo Concertina

Simon Wells  Supplementary Anglo Concertina Tutor

Duet Concertina

Brian Hayden Duet Concertina Workshop Tutor

Ernest Rutterford A Practical and Comprehensive Tutor for the Duet Concertina (has conditions on the download)