Programme Detail

In programme order

Sandy Gray

To start with we will listen to the tune, to get it into our heads, then we will hum it. As we learn a tune we will break it down into smaller parts and work on rhythm and phrasing. In doing so we will touch on ornamentation such as rolls and cuts. Though  more suited to Anglo C/G 3 rows, other types are welcome too. Takeaway dots will be provided to help with recall.

George Bolliger

A number of years ago George "inherited" the tools and tips that Frank Gallagher used in concertina repair work. More recently he has worked with Richard Evans and is currently rewriting the Manual of Concertina Repair and Upgrade and Maintenance. Please make a point of asking him when it is being published.

Gary Lovejoy

Octave playing has been described as the distinctively Australian style of playing anglo concertina. "Dooley" Chapman recordings illustrate this quite well. Come and go through the cross-row scales needed and try a few tunes using the technique.

Wayne Richmond

The Harmony Orchestra - Play tunes with harmonies
from a provided book of 40+ tunes that Wayne has compiled. Baritone and Bass instruments especially welcome.

Dave Johnson

The usual players at the First Friday OZ session explore songs on a theme and play a range of collected dance tunes. For the Convergence the theme is of course The Good Old Concertina. Dave has collated a number of these into a booklet (that can be downloaded as a pdf here). Copies available and other contributions welcome.

Chris Ghent

Who was Jack Stanley? Chris Ghent bought a Stanley concertina and was intrigued by its construction. When he started looking into it he quickly discovered there was a wealth of information about Stanley’s life. A simple story, he thought, and then he came across a source who turned the story on its head.

Helen Romeo

Some new and well loved Aussie tunes in parts for a concertina band to explore.  Pick the melody or a harmony line or play chords... music will be in two, three or four parts and will include some new tunes to enjoy.

Bruce Kurtz

A few tunes that came from the concertina playing of my grandfather Fred Holland. Fred is featured in John Meredith's first book of collected songs and tunes. My family and friends have kept these tunes as part of the Stringybark Band repertoire.

Greg Wilson

I have collected some nice 3/2 tunes and others from UK suitable for all concertinas. I try to teach by ear but will have dots available

Carole Helman

Come and have fun playing waltzes, old favourites and maybe a new one or two.  Ear players and dot players provided for, and we will play through each tune a number of times.  More experienced players can help carry the tunes along for newer players, and if needed for some tunes, we could learn them phrase by phrase.  

Ralph Pride

Ralph plays the McCann system but other duet systems are welcome. It is cold and lonely in the world of duets. Nothing too formal - just a chance to show and tell duet experiences.

Dave de Hugard

Unable to be with us in person, Dave has been videoed just for the convergence. This has been organised by Gary Lovejoy.

Steve Wilson

Explore ways to add punch and rhythm with english concertina accompaniment. The session focusses on the english system but there is relevance to others.

Bb/F Anglos Meet

The Bb/F anglo is not all that common but owners often say that the sound is sweeter that the C/G. Hear for yourself and even have a try on one.

Ron McLaughlin

Ron is a key supporter of the Goulburn Club as the plaque in the Durack Room will attest. He has a regular session of songs and tunes on a Sunday afternoon. Music can be downloaded from the Goulburn Club website (ask for the WIFI password). Ron has fairly recently taken a shine to the anglo concertina.