The Guide

Once registered, you will have access to view the website and join in reading and sharing ideas about concertinas. Here is a brief outline of where the Menu leads you.


Lists all your activities on the website listed from newest to oldest. This includes contributions to forums and helps you to keep track of your postings and such.


Forums are the organisational unitz for discussion through the website. The discussion, sometimes called postings, is organised into Topics and the Replies they induce.

Forums include: Anglo, English and Duet Concertinas, Repair and Maintenance, Recordings, Marketplace, Events and Concertinabilia. New forums can be created by members as required and they can be public (open for any member to join) or private (only open to your invitees).

Member A joins the Events forum and starts a particular discussion Topic such as the National Folk Festival 2021 and lists the Concertina Convergence events. Member B reads this and replies that it has been cancelled due to the failed supply of Guinness. Member C reads both and suggests that the real reason is the escalating cost of toilet paper due to …. And so on.

By default the Forums menu option will show Topics Started (by you), and you can select Replies Created, Engagements, Favourites, or Subscriptions. Voices shows the count of contributors to the topic. Replies is the count of comments since the original topic was started.

NB: Sometimes a topic or comment is held for moderation due to some stringent word blacklisting. An offending term may be buried within an innocent expression. This is deemed better than the stream of vile language that can be dropped on a site by spammers.

Images can be added to a forum topic or reply, click the Insert/edit image button in the editor toolbar. Then click the Browse button in the image dialog to select and upload an image. Image formats are JPEG, PNG, and GIF format. The maximum file size is determined by upload maximum 2MB and post maximum 8MB.


Lists your notifications such as New Private Messages.


Your messages listed from newest to oldest.


This option allows you to change password, set up profile, upload picture and more.

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